10 Year Warranty

This is a quick overview of how a warranty from Centricity can offer peace-of mind to homeowners. This express limited warranty provides a structured framework for the items your builder will cover and his service polices. Your warranty document is a contractual agreement between you and your builder.

Centricity’s classic warranty is a 1, 2 and 10 year insured backed third party warranty.

  • The one year defective workmanship & material is for your fit and finish items (interior: drywall, trim work, floor coving, etc. Exterior: masonry, roofing…etc.). Two years defective workmanship & material is for systems such as plumbing, electrical and ductwork. Centricity is the Guarantor the builder is the Warrantor. This means if something un-foreseeable were to happen to your builder or his company Centricity would step in and take care of unresolved issues for you the homeowner as defined in the performance standards. Simply put Centricity is like a second line of defense for the 1 & 2-year defective material and workmanship for homeowners. This warranty gives you a written set of performance standards as to how the home is to perform.
  • 10 Year major structural warranty, Centricity is the Warrantor and assumes total liability for major structural defects from day of closing for 10 full years, as defined in the performance standards. A Major Structural Failure is defined as actual physical damage to the load-bearing portions of the Home. Load bearing portions of the Home are; load bearing foundation system, pilings, piers, stem walls and footings, load bearing beams, girders, lintels, columns, walls, roof rafters and trusses. Centricity’s average structural claim in Texas cost $80,000.00 to repair.

Your Centricity warranty includes an alternative dispute resolution (Conciliation) program should you have a dispute with your builder over a warrantied item.

We do not require you to pay a fee to file a claim or initiate Conciliation. Claims are filed online at Centricity.com under Homeowners section.

This warranty is transferable to any subsequent owners of the home.

For any questions please contact:


Lisa Hall

Regional Sales Manager