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Scott Pastel

Marshall Reddick Real Estate Tel: (949) 636-9053

10924 Vance Jackson Rd, Suite 101, San Antonio, TX 78230

Prefered Propert Management

Marshall Reddick

Our Preferred Property Management Company is available and vetted but not required

Founded in 1979, Marshall Reddick Real Estate prides ourselves on having the simplest fee structure in the industry. With us you won’t find any initial start-up fees, lease renewal fees, maintenance coordination fees, eviction coordination fees, or management fees charged during a vacancy. We believe that property managers should only make money when the landlord makes money, and never make money when the landlord loses money.

We provide a unique concierge-experience with regular and open lines of communication.  We strive to give the best service possible for the best value. Let our full-service property management team handle everything for you including rent-ready repairs, photography, advertising, leasing, rent collection, maintenance, periodic property inspections, evictions, accounting, 24 hr. online access through our software, and more.

  • Pricing

    • 7% – Monthly Management Fee
    • 50% – Leasing Fee to procure new tenant
    • No lease renewal fees
    • No fees charged during vacancy
    • Any late fees collected are split 50/50 with owner

  • Full-Service Property Management

    • Hands-on management with concierge experience
    • Provide detailed P&L statements monthly and annually
    • Annual Rental Market Analysis reports
    • Extremely detailed and thorough screening and background checks
    • Weekly progress reports and constant communication during vacancy
    • Handle all tenant communication
    • Dedicated full-time leasing agent assigned to each lease
    • Move-in and Move-out Inspections with each new tenant
    • Professional quality photography
    • Online account access 24/7
    • Coordinate maintenance and repairs 24/7
    • Provide multiple contractor bids for best pricing possible
    • Provide all receipts and invoices for repairs on your owner portal
    • Annual tax documentation
    • Handle all HOA Correspondence and bills upon request
    • Enforce every word of the lease and hold the tenant accountable
    • Post notices for late paying tenants
    • Provide collections and evictions services in those rare instances
    • Allow you to have comfort and peace of mind in your team and investments!