Cybersecurity & Moving Money

(Fraud Alert)

Please confirm wiring instructions with the title company agent handling the transaction.

There has been fraud consisting of perpetrators hacking into email accounts and then sending an email with fraudulent instructions. Duplexes of Texas, Bob Rodgers Realty, Mathom Ltd or its staff members will never send you wiring instructions for down payments, settlement expenses or any other payments.

Please verify with parties to the transaction by calling a trusted source.

The National Association Of Realtors has excellent articles on how to keep clients and ourselves safe from SCAMMERS.
Typically a cyber criminal will infiltrate an email account of one party in a transaction as a way of collecting detail about the deal, then use that information to send bogus instructions to transfer funds that sound believable. Once the money is wired to the thief’s account, recovering it is often impossible.

If a suspected cyber attack occurs, notify authorities and the FBI. Quick action may mitigate the damage caused by the scammers. No business is too small to become a target of the hackers. Cybersecurity must become central to the way we do business. We welcome efforts to identify vulnerabilities in our systems.